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Friday Devblog 3

  • Posted on: 13 April 2014
  • By: Nomad (not verified)

I don’t look forward to posting these updates. Each one of these devblogs is a reminder of how much we’re failing you. So here’s what’s been keeping us busy this week.

Humble Store
We put Rust on the Humble Store. We didn’t sell Rust anywhere but Steam, because it’s early access and we’re actively developing we didn’t want to whore it out everywhere. Honestly – right now, the less people playing it the better. But Humble Store changed our mind. 10% of all sales go to charity. So we decided it wouldn’t hurt.

Friday Devblog 2

  • Posted on: 4 April 2014
  • By: Nomad (not verified)

So, you wanted one of these every week, but not all that much has changed. We’re still grinding away on the new everything.

This code re-writing is kind of like a virus. The more you change, the more you need to change. You get into the situation where it’s quicker and easier to replace existing code than integrate it with the new system. That’s what’s happening.

Friday Devblog

  • Posted on: 28 March 2014
  • By: Nomad (not verified)

A lot of people are complaining that we’re not giving enough updates on the development of Rust. They have suggested that we start posting weekly about what we’re doing. So that’s what we are going to do. Even if that means every week we post “replaced 6000 lines of terrible code with 1000 lines of not so terrible code.

We understand you want weekly updates filled with a shitload of new content. To make that possible things need to change.

Updateless Week

  • Posted on: 7 March 2014
  • By: Nomad (not verified)

Sorry guys, no real updates this week. There was a lot of moaning last week about the lack of ‘new stuff’ in that update. So we’re looking at ways to bring you ‘new stuff’ faster. Getting the foundations for this is going to take longer than a week.

25th February Update

  • Posted on: 25 February 2014
  • By: Nomad (not verified)

Hey guys. Your weekly patch here. One week late. Sorry about that. We did want to get it out last week but we don’t like running the risk of having something broken over the weekends. So we opted to wait a couple of days instead.

New Sky
The biggest most obvious change in this update is the new sky. We’re still tweaking to get it looking how we want it to look.

February 6th Update

  • Posted on: 6 February 2014
  • By: Nomad (not verified)

Zombies Were Removed
Yep. We did it. We decided we couldn’t hold off any longer. The longer we keep zombies in – the more complaints we’d get about removing them. We are forcing ourselves to deal with it. We are no longer a zombie survival game! They’ve been replaced with red bears and wolves. You hate them. We know. They’re just plugging a gap for now. All will be revvvealed.

Wildlife Was Improved